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   We have dealt with the Electronics ever since,  and with the tankers since 1996.

   Our business is related with the repair of fuel dispensing machines, LPG, AdBlue, and the collection and testing of milk. The services provided we realize via the courier companies. We also provide the purchase and sale of equipment mainly the used ones.

   We give a full guarantee for our products. We have a small production of various components including interfaces to printers, hybrid modules, keypads, membrane, temperature sensors, etc. Components which produce do not deviate in action from the original and are much cheaper. There are no restrictions on fitness. They are often the only alternative to repair, since the modules adhesive flooded by the manufacturers are not replaceable, so are not available. One example could be the company: BARTEC (PETRODAT), FMC Technologies (Multiflow).

   We modify and modernize the equipment on both the hardware and software. The majority of our resources, we present the software in multilingual versions. We modify the printers TM-U295 and TM-U220 to cooperate with all distribution systems. Noteworthy is the   thermal printer TM-T88 to the center of the mount interface. This printer can then work directly with PETRO-COMP, PETRODAT or PD4000. On site we also provide other services related to the calibration of the indicated publishing systems using flasks. 

   We have been cooperating with Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary Germany, Netherlands, France. In recent times, with Austria and the Findland.

   Since the aggression of Russia to Ukraine we do not realize the business in Russia.

  We specialize in the repair of equipment from the companies: ULTRAKUST, BARTEC, SENING, FMC Technologies, MESS-UND Fordertechnik M + F, HECTRONIC, ALFONS HAAR, SAMPI, PROCESS-DATA, EBNER, Dezi-DATA, SCHWARTE, GEA Diessel, ACRAM, EPSON, STAR MICRONICS, ELTOMATIC.

  Many times we fix and repair the equipment with great success rejected by the aforementioned manufacturers, as unrecoverable. We repair the unit not produced for many years, such as Petro-COMP, MAK3001, OTC-90 or TE500 Italian production. With the effectiveness of just 40% from the assumption we repair the irreparable counters ELZ ALFONS HAAR (only some damage) and with the effectiveness of 80% the flooded with silicone gel PD4000 and electronic  modules of the flowmeter PD340.

  We have most of the parts in site and electronic components such as integrated circuits, microprocessors, displays, sensors, printer mechanisms. Components very difficult to access for the most part have not produced, imported from all over the world: Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Therefore, the implementation of repairs and possible delivery time usually does not exceed 12-24 hours.  The average price of the counter repair is 200-400EUR, of the printers 80-100EUR. DPD courier delivery price in Germany is 33EUR. NOTE. If we cannot fix something, no matter how long you have worked on something and how much therefore cost was incurred, except the costs of transportation, we do not charge any fees or commissions. In this way, you do not lose anything or you risk nothing. Any equipment repaired by us is completely checked on special simulators and testers dedicated to the appliances. Check all parameters can be checked in particular important for fuel temperature measurement. At the end of the control prints are made. Facilities that require it, such as OTC90, are tested at low temperatures of about -23 0C for 12 hours.

   For all objects of our activities, services and sales, we issue VAT invoices. In the European Union, with the registered identification number Europäische Kommission tax (VIES), the tax rate is 0%. After each repair, send via E-mail Invoice Pro-forma tax with the given bank account number. After receiving the money into your account, the repaired equipment, together with its control printing, the original tax invoices, securely packed we send via the courier DPD.

   How to contact us?

   Unfortunately, the only form of contact in German and English is the contact via E-mail info@andmak.pl  Phone talk only in Polish.

   We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

   We hope that in the future this will change. This will depend largely on the number of orders from German-speaking countries. Also, please use the contacts three digit commodity code in red, which occurs at each position. If you decide to send the equipment for repair, please attach data to the VAT invoices and shipping address, and a contact e-mail.

    Welcome to the constant cooperation transport companies and companies servicing tankers.

   The information presented on the website does not represent the full range of our offer and our activity is still growing.

   We hope that in the Internet age, language barriers will not be much of a problem and the speed and reliability of our operation, and low service prices, will be an advantage.